Each of us is unique and now as I find myself in my ‘Wisdom Years’ there is the opportunity to reflect on all that has brought me to this time and place.

I always knew that there was something missing and as a child often asked myself ‘Where has the magic gone?” Have you ever wondered too?

It is my dearest hope that you may discover a spark here that will ignite a new curiosity to explore a deeper understanding of who you are and of your purpose and potential, for we are far more than we have been told.

Excerpt From: “Returning to Grace: The Journey of a Life Traveller.” iBook.

“Each journey begins with the first step, and on a gentle autumn morning, I was very much looking forward to the healing session I had felt inspired to book a few weeks earlier. It had been a challenging time after the passing of both my parents within 18 months of each other, rampant teenagers, and a marriage that was not working and I felt that it was time for some tender loving care for me.

During the drive, I enjoyed listening to a new CD and the peace of being on my own; this time was just for me and in retrospect, a crucial turning point in my life. It can be quite profound how the Universe can turn a life around on a pinpoint and that day it was my turn. I parked the car and knocked on the door of the healer I had visited once or twice before while very much looking forward to relaxing on the healing table and just letting go for a whole hour while receiving some gentle nurturing care for my body.

The session went well, and as we sat quietly chatting afterward, the dear lady shared that she had an intuitive message for me. It was that there was something that needed medical attention and it had to do with ‘women’s business.’ Well, that put the cat among the pigeons, and as I drove home feeling emotionally apprehensive, I decided to deal with whatever it was rather than ignoring what could just be significant. I had done enough healing work myself to respect the insights received during these sessions.
I didn’t share this with my husband or kids at first, feeling that they had enough on their plates and so quietly went for some tests to be told that I had a small lump in my right breast.”

To continue reading of a spirit inspired journey to

  • follow my heart in healing cancer
  • experiencing moments of wonder and joy and others of great challenge
  • a growing passion to give back by empowering our Elders to truly acknowledge and value their life plus to educate people about the end of life choices available

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