The truth of the matter is that none of us are immortal and that death is the counterpart to birth for as surely as we are born so will we all eventually die for this is the way of evolution. Through appropriate education, and support empowering choices can be made as we come to value our life journey.

In today’s society in the west

  • 9 out of 10 people will never share with anyone their end-of-life choices
  • 45% will die without a will
  • 70% of people express a wish to die at home, though only 14% get to do so.

After a generation or so of handing over the end-of-life process to strangers, many are now resuming open dialogue around this topic once again. Often with the intention to establish clear communication with family, carers, or the community in regard to their choices as they progress into the later years.

The Ageing R-Evolution Program

Objective: This program offers the opportunity for elderly participants and those with declining health issues to come together in a supportive, confidential, and non-judgmental space to explore and be heard about their end-of-life health care and transition options. Inclusive of family and carers.

  • This four-week series has been designed to be repeated monthly to allow participants to have their concerns addressed.
  • Each 1.5-hour session encourages engagement so that participants realize that they are not alone in their concerns and that support is here for them.
  • The sessions include educational and appropriate visual resources, group discussion, and the time and space for questions.
  • Refreshments will be served with kindness and lightness of heart and each session will also include a simple relaxation/meditation segment specifically designed to address stress and encourage inner peace.

Four Weekly topics:

Week 1.  Exploring the client’s view on death & dying while offering the potential to view one’s life with more compassion and kindness. Each life has meaning and value.

Week 2.  Education of the available legal choices – Government Advance Health Directive, the Power of Attorney, and the Power of Guardianship are discussed. Including a short video from the government Health website

Week 3.  Courageous Conversations with Family – is support needed? Learning about appropriate and self-loving boundaries. Deepening Self-acceptance toward inner peace

Week 4.  Your legacy – Become an Elder rather than elderly. Encouragement to continue active engagement in the community

You are warmly invited to join us to discover the Wisdom Heart within you.

Wisdom Heart has been created to support this step. We facilitate free talks within community groups, webinars, workshops, and individual and group mentoring dedicated to rediscovering and illuminating the Wisdom Heart within each of us, for it is time.

Contact Lorraine Town at 0408 379 703 to discuss how this program may inspire you or your group, to explore the value and wisdom that your life holds.

Wisdom Heart – MENTORING


My passion is to bring hope and new inspiration through Heart-based Mentoring in regard to the end-of-life choices that are available to us today in a professional, confidential and supportive space.

Sometimes the opportunity to talk it out with a professional Mentor who has walked the same path can bring clarity, empowerment, and the confidence to move forward with taking action when one feels at a stalemate.

Lorraine Mentors in two areas:

  • Mentoring Elders, those in their later years who are curious about making informed choices around their end-of-life medical treatment and also making peace with their life experience. This is the Hero’s Path.
  • Mentoring Meditation students to “Know Thyself” through introspection – meditation. We are each so much more than what we think, we have just forgotten.                                                                                                                                                                                      It is called the Way of the Heartthe Way home.

“Conformity is one of the most fundamental dishonesties of all. When we reject our special-ness or water down our God-given individuality and uniqueness, we begin to lose our freedom. The conformist is in no way a free man. He has to follow the herd.”

Norman Vincent Peale

Contact Lorraine Town at 0408 379 703 to discuss how this course may inspire you or your group to explore the value and worthiness that your life holds.


A free, weekly one-hour online class offering gentle relaxation, guided meditation, and a weekly topic to explore and expand our awareness and capacity for greater self-love and inner peace.

You will also learn how to maintain a greater sense of well-being through applying appropriate energetic boundaries.

There is a space within each heart that remembers who we are and when approached patiently we learn to slow down the mind into stillness. In this way, we come to experience higher potentials of wellbeing and purpose.

The class is online through Zoom and can be attended from the comfort of your own home anywhere in the world.

It is a JOY to connect with like-minded people to discover that we are not alone.

I look forward to hearing from you if you feel to come along. Please email me at for the link or call 0408 379703 if you have a question. Looking forward to hearing from you.


Contact Lorraine

Mobile 0408 379 703

I very much look forward to connecting with you further in regard to the

  • Aging R-Evolution Program
  • Mentoring
  • Online and in-person Inner Peace Meditation classes